RF Cavitation & Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine-EM 402

  • Screen: 5.6 inch TFT truecolor touch
  • Cavitation Frequency: 40 KHz
  • Cavitation Transducer: Double
  • Power Density: Max 3 W/cm2 per transducer
  • Effective Radiating Area: 4.9 cm2
  • Max Vacuum Pressure: 100KPa
  • Vacuum Mode: 1 continous & 3 pulse
  • 1 Continous & 3 Pulse: 5mhz
  • Infrared Lightwavelength: 700nm
  • Infrared Light Power: 10W
  • RF Power: 60W

product description

Shape technology is the most efficacy way for anti cellulite , which integrates Bipolar RF, Infrared Light IR, Vacuum suction, and Motorized Rollers Mechanical Massage system together.

RF with IR Infrared Light deliver thermal energy deep into collagen in the dermis, deep cellulite and subcutaneous fat tissue, extraordinary performance on fat burning, inch loss, circumference reduction, body shaping and anti cellulite.

Vacuum Suction Mechanical Massage Motorized Rolling system increases lymphatic drainage process to improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and gives a visible results in release toxins. The combination technologies provides significant improvements in overall cellulite appearance and skin condition with a long-lasting results.

High qualified motors in rollers make sure long life time mechanism anti cellulite massage.

Technical Advantages:

3 in 1 Multi-Functional Combination System

• Combination of cavitation , vacuum and RF radio frequency.

• Absolute double treatment restuls via combination treatment.

• Integrated using of 3 different technologies bring optional outcome of fat cellulite reduction, body shaping and anti aging.


Screen 5.6 inch TFT truecolor touch Cavitation Frequency 40 KHz
Cavitation Transducer Double Power Density Max 3 W/cm2 per transducer
Effective Radiating Area 4.9 cm2 Max Vacuum Pressure 100KPa
Vacuum Mode 1 continous & 3 pulse 1 Continous & 3 Pulse 5mhz
Infrared Lightwavelength 700nm Infrared Light Power 10W
RF Power 60W    

Applications of Double Shape System :

- Inch Loss.

- Circumference Reduction.

- Fat Reduction.

- Best Treatment for Cellulite.

- Body Contouring and shaping.

- Skin lifting on face and body.

- Skin tightening face and body.

- Skin appearance improvement.

Before & After Treatment:

* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.


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