Diode Laser 808nm Machine-EM 101

  • Laser Type: Semiconductor Laser
  • Model: EM 101
  • Handpiece Pipe Length: 1.8M
  • Wavelength: 755/808/1064nm
  • Handpiece Weight: 1.2Kg
  • Spot Area: 10x12mm
  • Energy Desity: 20-120J/cm²
  • Pulse Frequency: 1-10Hz
  • Laser Power: 600W
  • Voltage: 200/110V 50/60Hz
  • Screen Size: 12.4 inch
  • Machine Size: 100x42x48cm
  • Package Weight: 72KG
  • Package Size: 56x55x126cm
  • Machine Net Weight: 49KG

product description

The principle of selective photothermal action is irradiating a certain intensity of 755/808/1064NM laser to the hair follicles. After the laser irradiation, the hair follicle stem cells are destroyed, and the hair follicles no longer grow hair or grow thin and soft villi, thereby achieving the purpose of hair removal. It also has the effect of skin rejuvenation while removing hair.

Alexandrite Laser 755nm:

The most popular 755nm diode laser which replace the solid state alexandrite diode laser and have a more comfortable treatment. It is effective for melanin to absorb 755nm diode laser. This characteristic is good for villi hair removal when people use 755nm diode laser treatment handle. And the treatment time is getting shorter.

Diode Laser 808nm:

Half treatment time perform more treatment sessions in less time, allowing you to quickly treat larger areas,while offering your patients the fastest and more effective hair removal feelings.

Nd Yag Laser 1064nm:

New experience for specialized darker skin hair removal 1064nm laser, 1064nm wavelength hair removal treatment will be safer especially for dark skin, skin rejuvenation. performance well, and strong power cooling function, treatment comfortable and safe.

Technical Advantages:

• The laser directly hits on hair follicle melanin without damaging the skin or sweat glands, and there are no scars or side effects.

• The maximum output frequency of 10HZ and the big square spot size 12*10mm for quickly remove hair on a large area.

• Almost no normal skin tissue absorbs the laser, and all energy acts on hair follicles, effectively destroying hair follicle stem cells and completely eliminating hair.

• The unique dynamic constant temperature system ensures that the treatment head is always kept at 4°C which makes treatment safe and comfortable.


Laser Type

Semiconductor Laser


EM 101

Handpiece Pipe Length




Handpiece Weight


Spot Area


Energy Desity


Pulse Frequency


Laser Power


Pulse Width

30 ~ 400ms


200/110V 50/60Hz

Screen Size

12.4 inch

Machine Size


Package Weight


Package Size


Net Weight


Laser Handle:

Operation Screen:

Treatment Range:

Before & After Treatment:


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