ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine EM 302

  • Wavelength: 532nm、1064nm、1320nm
  • Pulse Width: 10ns
  • Energy: 20–2000mj
  • Working Frequency: 1-10Hz
  • Spot Diameter: 1-8mm
  • Cooling Method: Water cooling + air cooling
  • Total Power: 300W

product description

Nd yag laser tattoo removal machine is a multi-functional beauty instrument that uses the most advanced optical technology in the field of beauty technology. It combines the multi-wavelength optical energy to fully exert the light energy effect and has significant clinical effects. It has been proven to be safe and effective for different applications.

Technical Principle:

Nd yag laser tattoo removal machine uses the jewel Q-switching mode, the high-energy energy is used to effectively break down the pigment in the diseased tissue. That is, the principle of photo-blasting: the accumulated high-energy instant emission causes the irradiated pigment particles to absorb energy and then expand and rupture, and a part of the cracks become more tiny particles excreted, and some are excreted by the human body through the lymphatic system, thereby removing the pigment. The surrounding normal tissue does not absorb the 1064nm, 532nm laser, thus maintaining the integrity of the cell frame, and there is no condition for scar formation. The maximum degree of safety is guaranteed to be free from complications after use.




Pulse Width




Working Frequency


Spot Diameter


Cooling Method

Water cooling + air cooling

Total Power





- Exogenous pigmented skin problems: the operation of pigmented skin lesions such as tattoos, eyebrows, eye lines, lip lines and traumatic tattoos has good clinical results.

- With the toner operation head, black face dolls and white porcelain dolls can be developed to achieve skin rejuvenation, fine pores, lightening spots, whitening, blackhead and oil control.


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