Micro-PicoSure Laser-EM 202

  • Laser Type: ND:YAG Solid Laser
  • Laser Wavelength: 1064nm、532nm、755nm
  • Working Frequency: 1–10Hz(Adjustable)
  • Pulse Width: 6ns
  • Screen: 10.4-inch true color touch screen
  • Shell Material: ABS plastic + metal
  • Imput Power: 1200W
  • Language: English
  • Supply Voltage: AC220V;AC110V(Customized)

product description

The Micro-PicoSure laser AS60 is a high-end laser instrument that uses the most advanced honeycomb laser technology in the world and is the most popular instrument in the beauty market.

Product Advantages:

• With high homogeneity of light spots, uniform energy distribution, consistency of treatment effect, and more secure.

• For all exogenous and endogenous pigments, the effect is more significant.

• Short pulse width, with a dedicated laser bar in the industrial field, higher peak power, crushing pigment more thoroughly.

• Honeycomb spot, reduce pain, skin damage is more slight.

• Intelligent water temperature control system: Avoid water temperature is too high, damage the handle.

• The unique shape design and color match make the product more beautiful and fashionable.

Functional Principle:

Using the laser's high-energy instantaneous emission, the irradiated pigment particles absorb energy instantly and break up. Some of them become tiny particles and are excreted. Some of them are swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system to remove pigment. Because the normal tissue absorbs less laser light at a specific wavelength of the instrument and does not harm normal tissue, it preserves the integrity of the cell frame and never forms a scar. This is a treatment safety that cannot be compared in any other place. To the greatest extent, it guarantees that customers will not suffer from post-treatment complications.


Laser Type

ND:YAG Solid Laser

Laser Wavelength


Working Frequency

1--10Hz  (Adjustable)

Pulse Width



10.4-inch true color touch screen

Shell Material

ABS plastic + metal

Imput Power




Supply Voltage





- Remove stubborn pigment.

- Remove scar pigment.

- Remove tattoo.

- Whitening skin.

- Skin rejuvenation.

Before & After Treatment:


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