Diode Laser With Triple Wavelength-EM 109

  • Power: 3000W
  • Screen: 15.6 inch color touch screen
  • Laser: 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm
  • Laser power: 600W and 800W
  • Spot size: 13*30mm and 12*30mm
  • Pulse duration: 1–400 ms
  • Energy: 1–120j / cm2
  • Spot size: 13 * 30mm
  • Frequency: 1–10HZ
  • Head temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 5 ℃
  • Cooling system: TEC electronic cooling + water cooling + air cooling
  • Gross Weight: 80kg
  • Dimension: 56x60x144cm

product description

Three wavelength diode laser equipment is the newest technology with three laser wavelengths - Alexandrite 755nm, Diode 808nm and YAG 1064nm.

Diode laser with triple wavelength


Standard wavelength for all hair types, the 808nm laser has deep penetrating ability, and with moderate melanin absorption ability, it is safe to treat dark skin.


Specific effective for blonde hair, fine hair, Alex 755nm laser offers energy absorption that allows it to treat the widest variety of hair types, light-colored hair with surface penetration ability.


Specific effective for dark and tanned skin, 1064nm laser focused to treat darker skin, can treat hair deeper into the skin.


Diode laser with triple wavelength

Diode laser with triple wavelength

Treatment area of all parts of the hair on the body:

1. Removal of the front hair line;

2. Chest hair removal;

3. Lip waxing;

4. Hair removal;

5. Facial hair removal;

6. Bikini waxing;

7. Hair removal with beard;

8. Leg waxing;

9. Underarm waxing;

10. Arm waxing.

Before & After Treatment:

Diode laser with triple wavelength



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